Dairy Procurement Group, LLC

For Dairymen... By Dairymen

Established in 2005, Dairy Procurement Group, LLC is dedicated to seeking innovative ways to enhance the efficiency and profitability of its members through data driven improvements in their supply chain. Combined with 10+ years of internal benchmarks, unique detailed line item usage reporting in multiple product categories across member's operations.

The business was founded on the belief that improved use of line item detailed data reporting, comprehensive purchasing process for materials and services can reduce errors, increase accountability, improve controls, provide economies of scale and reduce transaction costs for both suppliers and dairies.

We review new technologies and see applicability to our membership. 

We serve as a business facilitator founded by dairymen for dairymen and represent over 150,000 milk cows in California, Texas and Illinois. 

Dairy Procurement Group, LLC is headquartered in California.

contact: John Sweeney

email: jsweeney@dairyprogroup.com 

phone: +1-415-608-1793